Smart Sensors

Welcome to our hub for cutting-edge Triton Smart Sensors. Our advanced technology detects vaping, THC, cutting class, and bathroom crowding, ensuring proactive safety measures. Instant alerts for fights, distress, and violence offer timely intervention, while advanced vandalism detection enhances security. Trust us for comprehensive safety solutions tailored to schools, offices, medical facilities, and restaurants.
Triton Smart Sensor Ultra
Advance Business System's

Triton Smart Sensors

Enhance safety with our Smart Sensor Solutions

Vape & THC Detection

For when manually monitoring bathrooms and locker rooms is too time and labor intensive.

Detect Cutting Glass &
Bathroom Crowding

Enforce occupancy limits and know when students are loitering.

Fights, Violence, Distress Alerts

65% of bullying and fights occur in bathrooms and locker rooms which are not reachable by security cameras.

Advanced Vandalism Detection

Be vigilant for any form of vandalism to reduce extra costs.

ABS Specialist

Advance can set up a reliable way to connect to your office from anywhere in the world. Advance Business Systems has worked with various equipment including Cisco and our recommended WatchGuard solution.

Reliable Support

You can expect a response from one of our IT professionals within 4 hours of a request being made.


Keep your network protected, Advance Business Systems can set up your businesses' WIFI so that it's secure for your network and can give guests access to the internet.

Guaranteed Protection

Elevate your businesses' cyber security by adding a WatchGuard Firebox to your network. The Firebox is a unified threat management device that will help keep your network safe from bad actors.

ABS Assessment

Advance Business Systems can help you become compliant with a variety of different compliance policies related to cyber security.

ABS Support

ABS is an official ESET partner and offer their products to help protect all of our customers endpoints and servers from malware.