Power Stations & Sanitization Devices

Empower your industry with our cutting-edge power stations and advanced sanitization devices, catering to sectors like education, health, and industry. Our solutions ensure uninterrupted power supply and maintain a clean, sanitized environment, enhancing safety and efficiency. From educational institutions to healthcare facilities and industrial setups, our products offer reliable performance and hygiene benefits. Take a step towards a safer, more productive workspace – explore our range today and discover how our power stations and sanitization devices can elevate your industry's standards.
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Advance Business System's

Secured, Charged, and Sanitized

Future of industrial, healthcare, education, and office solutions

Charging Carts & Cabinets

Innovative mobile charging cart & cabinet solutions designed to meet the needs of customers larger and small keeping devices secured and ready for use.

Mobile Power

Bring access to power where you need it. Check out our corded and cordless models.
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Secured Storage

Charging locker solutions simplify almost all workflow for securing, charging, sanitizing, and distribution of mobile devices within your organization.

Infection Control

A full line of chemical free, UV-C sanitizing solutions that can also charge and secure electronic devices as well as non-invasive clinical items to support your organization's infection control initiatives.

What we Offer


Solutions for sanitization and charging of personal devices. Support infection control initiatives with ultraviolet (UV-C) light sanitization to encourage more frequent disinfection without the use of corrosive chemicals.


Keep classrooms charged and ready to go. Charging carts and cabinets that offer multiple models and sizes to help meet the unique needs of your classrooms. Mobile power helps you bring power where you need it. Let students stay creative by not having to worry about sufficient power supplies.


Indulge in secured and charged devices, ready for work. Advance provides secured storage through Power Technologies locker solutions. These devices will secure, charge, sanitize, and help with the distribution of mobile devices within your organization.