Ergonomic Solutions

Advance Business Systems is committed to promoting workplace health and productivity with our ergonomic solutions. Our offerings include ergonomic furniture, seating, and accessories designed to enhance comfort and prevent injuries. We provide office ergonomic assessments, workstation design, and layout planning tailored to your needs. From height-adjustable desks to ergonomic keyboard and mouse solutions, we prioritize your well-being. Trust our expert team for ergonomic training, product recommendations, and remote consultations, ensuring your workspace is optimized for peak performance and injury prevention.
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Advance Business System's

Designed to move you

Improving how people work, play, and care for others.


Well-being is within an arm's reach. Add flexibility to your space with a professional-grade adjustable monitor mount


Rethink your space with a complete computer workstation that adjusts to how you work best.
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Mobile Carts

Let your work move you, wherever it may go with carts designed for laptops, computers or tablets.

Standing Desks

Flexible furniture that moves you. The feel-good benefits of a sit-stand desk are just within reach.

What we Offer


Advance helps caregivers focus on positive patient experiences through enhanced technology interactions that deliver increased comfort, health, and wellness to workers.


ABS is positioned to meet customer's needs, wherever work happens. We provide innovative solutions that will transform your workspace. With a focus on employee physical and mental well-being and seamless workflows.

Desk Converters

Take advantage of desk converters to help improve workflow through ergonomically re-design of your desk. Various forms of converters available to match each unique work environment from sit-stand desks, mobile stations, desk mounts and more.

Pedestal Desk Converter

Maximize your work area with a balance between space management and ergonomics. Multiple options for single or dual monitors and keyboard and mouse accommodations. Plenty of room left for other desktop items to ensure an organized station.


Support the future generation with enhanced digital learning. Helping to support the charging of Chromebooks, iPads, surfaces, and all notebooks and tablets. Classrooms become more customizable with mobile desks and portable classroom AV carts.

Continued Support

Rest assured your service with Ergotron products will be met with our experienced service team. Any questions or concerns after installation can be handled with our continued support once you choose Advance.