Do you need robotic assistance?

Introducing Plato, the latest robotics by United Robotics Group. Plato was created to help various industries such as healthcare, senior living, event spaces, and restaurants perform at a higher capacity with trusted technology backing them. Multiply your workforce and amplify your service environment to provide a unique and memorable guest experience.
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Introducing Plato

Outpace the competition with cutting-edge technology.


The challenges of healthcare are increasing. With Plato, you can help boost patient morale with social interaction by uplifting their spirits.

Senior Living

Assisted living homes deserve the bonus of Plato. A friendly robot that performs the time-consuming tasks that take time away from patients. Allow workers to focus on providing the best health services.
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Humans should do what they do best, human interaction. Allow Plato, to finish the job by performing tasks that will take time away from staff tending to customers personally.

Event Space

Bring an extra touch of technology by giving your guests an unbelievable experience at your next event. Have a robot make the rounds greeting guests and providing drinks and food for party goers.

Embedded Screen

10.1" Touchscreen - Receive commands and show facial expression.


3 x Depth sensors, lasers class 1 and infrared to map the location and detect objects.

Emergency Stop Button

Have the ability to stop unexpected behavior. A convenient button placed on the top of Plato.


To communicate and greet while fulfilling orders. Plato speakers are installed to help communication between customers, patients, and guests have the full Plato experience.


To absorb impact in a minor collision and stop the robot if need be. These safety measures to to ensure Plato is performing at exceptional levels all day long.


Certified PLB 220 degree light detection and ranging to measure distances and avoid collision.