An Elite Level of Service & Support


• Advance Business Systems is able to offer a Very High Standard of Elite Service Support to all of our customers in the Windsor/Essex & Chatham/Kent, with over 14 fully trained Service Technicians and 5 additional IT Specialists.


• Advance Business Systems has an extensive fleet of MFPs and printers store in our warehouse, as service loaners for our contract customers. Service Loaners can be provided within next half day, sometimes in 30 minutes!! This same extensive MFP fleet can be used for short term rentals if a customer requires an additional unit for a temporary placement.


• Our Parts Supply Warehouse is centrally located; plus our techs maintain a car stock of the most frequently required items.


• With a Local Service Dispatcher, Advance Business Systems offers “Live Operator” support to resolving any issues in the field. This position has been specially trained to understand many of the common concerns that are escalated and often resolves problems right over the phone. We also provide convenient e-mail and voice message services to book service calls after business hours.


• If a customer requires more technical support over the phone, we have shop specialists that can take those calls and assist key operators work through some basic troubleshooting which minimizes the need for a service visit and improves the uptime of the devices in the field.


• Advance Business Systems prides itself in having a very efficient, refined delivery & installation process. ABS performs all shop setups and pre-installation configurations locally in our Windsor offices. We also have dedicated ABS personnel that manage all delivery scheduling and follow-up contact with customers before delivery occurs, and a solid delivery/installation team that often performs “same day” network connectivity whenever a new MFP product is delivered. This local “hands on” approach for delivery/installation allows for a quick turnaround of product installation and minimal downtime for our ABS customers.


• Software options are available to provide our clients with the ability to monitor their own print fleet.