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About Status Solutions

Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. We help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data to read, see, hear and do therefore managing risk while transforming business operations. Because RIGHT NOW matters most

What We Believe

At Status Solutions we believe that ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s dangerous, and that having access to information makes you better equipped to protect life, property, business and convenience. We believe that while awareness is important, empowerment is vital. Having information is nice, using it is meaningful. We believe that community is the core of our society and that bridging senior living communities to schools through intergenerational engagement with support from the business community at large is a worthwhile endeavor.

The power to read, hear, see, do and analyze for better risk management

Knowing what’s going on around you and using that information for better risk management is the goal of situational awareness. This is a risk management strategy and technology framework that gives you the power to read, hear and see what’s happening around your enterprise so you can do something about it. There’s no time to waste when people, property and business operations could be threatened. With situational awareness any organization can improve communication, workflow and service especially in an emergency situation. From the mundane blown fuse to a life-and-death scenario, SARA helps prevent operational disruptions and speeds emergency response. Real-time and historical reports then let you analyze response times and protocols to identify problem areas and make improvements to prevent loss of life, property, business and convenience/comfort.

Situational Awareness and Response Assistant

The power to read, hear, see, do and analyze for better risk management

Communication and Access To Information Everywhere 

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